Oceans of Opportunity

Month: February 2016

New Paper | A Paradigm Shift for Human Exploration

Very pleased to share a newly published paper in the Marine Technology Society Journal (Vol. 50, Issue 1), entitles, “A Paradigm Shift for Human Exploration of the Sea: Standards of Practice, Training, and Program Development for Atmospheric Diving”. download .pdf This is a timely and essential white paper reflecting on the recent efforts to bring together partners…

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Manfish and Sharkbites

Well, it’s about time a rather frank perspective was cast out there for us, rather than simply continue to take the bait: https://www.cnn.com/2016/02/09/world/shark-attacks/index.html The gist? More shark attacks, yes, but also more people in the water. There are some simple cause and effects in life that just can’t be ignored. In my opinion, shark attacks…

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Top Underwater Tech Gadgets to Keep an Eye On in 2016

This last year has made me enthusiastic to see the future of diving unfold. While there are certainly numerous ‘big’ issues to address, a few seemingly simple innovations, or rather evolutions of terra firma tech to life beneath the waves, have surfaced (or rather made their first descent!). The following pieces of tech are, in…

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In Memorium | Dennis Perry

Last week, the Rhode Island mud diving community lost a long time friend. Dennis P. Perry 42 of Bristol R.I. died Sunday, January 24, 2016. Beloved son of Robert Perry and Jacqueline Bradley. Besides his parents he is survived by sister Suzanne Murtagh and husband James Murtagh, nephews Jacob and Cameron and his maternal grandmother,…

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