Oceans of Opportunity

Month: May 2011

it’s all just a big wet and wild vacation

‘No Vacation Nation’. Sounds about right. I haven’t taken a true vacation in a long, long time. I’ve found myself out and about, even traveling the world to some extent, but never without my laptop slung on my back and eagerly searching out the next wifi hot spot to at the very least stay on…

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the financial collapse and a blue revival

Down the tubes. That is where we are headed, and that is the message embedded in this recent CNN Money piece about the US reaching its debt ceiling. As of late, I’ve become increasingly intrigued about the inner workings (or failures) of our financial system. To pick it apart in its entirety requires advanced degrees…

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Earth’s Mysteries Revealed…One Descent at a Time

We just returned from a safe and hugely productive 10 day expedition to continue our scientific and exploratory investigations of the Bahama Deep. On my return, buried in the mound of ‘stuff to-do’ was a pleasant and warmly welcomed note from Onlinecourses.net that informed me that ‘A New Life’ was recognized in their Top 5…

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