Oceans of Opportunity

Month: August 2011

Irene | the aftermath

As we enter day 4 in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, the unexpected (or rather unplanned for) struggles persist here in Southern New England. I lost power to my home on Sunday at about 2AM – and its still out. The first 24 hours felt like an extended camping trip, which came with some excitement…

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A mix of long work days, inadequate time allocated to exercise, gaining a few extra pounds despite the summer heat, and the just plain chaos of life these days has left me rather ‘misaligned’. It’s a terrible feeling – lack of focus, general uneasiness in my own skin, and not knowing whether I’m coming or…

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Born to Run | a review

Christopher McDougall’s ‘Born to Run’ takes us back to our roots, where we may have in fact been born to run – out of necessity. McDougall takes us on a journey alongside the Tarahumara, a community living the Mexican mountainside that has very much remained off the grid and lives what we would consider a primitive…

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a day at the beach

A much needed week away from the grind has led me to a number of days spent at the beach. As I sat in a chair soaking up some summer sun, as just one among the masses, I found myself forced to take a more commonplace perspective on human interaction with the ocean. Rather than be…

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