Oceans of Opportunity

Month: April 2013

diving with ‘style’

In more recent time, especially now that my R&D shop is up and running, I’ve been paying closer attention to the equipment refinements that make the job of working underwater all the more efficient. In some cases, I’ve had to develop  things from scratch, in others, its a matter of making minor changes to existing…

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Reflections on the Narragansett Bay Bottom

Springtime here in the Ocean State means getting ready for the busy boating season. As a  marine contractor, part of that includes servicing moorings. I’ve been diving on moorings for more than 15 years at this point. It can be a monotonous task, with upwards of twenty ups and downs made every day, though of…

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the Race on Evil Street

We are all affected, and we were all targets in yesterday’s tragic event at the Boston Marathon. With a half million people drawn into the city for this one event, and less than a few degrees of separation, each and every one of us feels the impact of this blow to our community. So many…

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