The underwater value is analogous to a backpacking excursion – we certainly learn more from an overnight in the environment than a short walk in the park. That step has not yet been taken in the underwater world in an affordable and accessible way for the masses.

Ocean Space Habitat

Undersea habitation was a prominent endeavor in the 1960’s and 1970’s, fueled by emerging needs for deep oilfield work, as well as interests in space exploration. The historical effort ignited interests to advance marine science, though science  applications of habitat technology have struggled to achieve sustainability – important work has been done, though the cost and complexity of permanent habitats for science outweigh the immediately tangible benefits, leaving only slow going progress.  

Our patented Ocean Space Habitat technology fills a unique niche by leveraging mainstream and well accepted 21st century technical diving techniques – short (hours) and mid-duration (days) excursions are affordable, put vast range extensions (depth & duration) at our fingertips, afford work space within challenging environments, and are not limited to just one single geographical location…Ocean Space Habitat(s) are portable, lightweight, and can be deployed anywhere with minimal support.

The technology platform has been advanced with multiple partners including University of Arizona, New York University, City University of Hong Kong, Lombardi Undersea LLC, and Subsalve USA.

Ocean Space Habitat has been deployed multiple times since 2012 to demonstrate unique capabilities and has been featured by National Geographic, Discovery’s Shark Week, and a number of other media outlets.

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