Oceans of Opportunity


Ocean Opportunity Inc. (OO) is a not for profit organization whose mission is to evolve the art and science of the life aquatic through effective communications and inspired social change.

What we do

OO sponsors, endorses, and facilitates programs in the ocean science & technology communities that have a tangible and measurable ability to reach, and foster a new global appreciation of a developing ocean literate society. OO’s approach is to engage and inspire stakeholders in a given interest area or program to take action on critical ocean issues that offer reciprocal value for the stakeholders, the ocean, and humanity. While emphasizing community outreach and education through various creative media outlets, interest areas and programs reach those that need to be reached at a grassroots level. Shedding light on ‘the human element’ is central to our projects and programs.

This ‘human element’, we believe, is essential for humanity to gain access to the inaccessible in meaningful ways that will improve our quality of life.


The organization was established in 2003 by Explorer Michael Lombardi after being inspired by work carried out off of Lee Stocking Island, Exumas, Bahamas (the Island Nation). The organization has taken root in Rhode Island USA (the Ocean State). While we undertake projects and programs throughout the world, we return to both the Island Nation and the Ocean State routinely, giving back to the communities that have given us so much.

Values and Value Adds

OO’s projects maintain a degree of fluidity in an effort to attract the best and brightest for any given subject area, while affording involvement to all interested when the time is right. This fluidity embraces the idea of a culture change and evolution, rather than building brick and mortar projects with defined shelf lives.

While we often work collaboratively and cooperatively with researchers, policy makers, and community stakeholders, our internal strengths spearhead program development. These are as follows:

:: a Value Add | Scientific Diving

Formal training in, and implementing techniques for, scientific diving affords a certain systematic approach to exploration. This added value to OO’s projects allows us to capture elements of the underwater world like never before, while bringing discoveries and information back to the public that will help guide continued research, conservation measures, and new policy.

:: a Value Add | Web, Digital Media, & Interactive Technologies

The Internet has afforded numerous mechanisms for collaboration, outreach, and education. Many of these processes and technologies are only in their infant stages of adoption by non-profit and educational organizations. OO recognizes the potential in this area and has invested significant time and resources to integrate the Internet as a central platform for our outreach activities. To-date, we have reached millions of people across the globe using a variety of digital media formats.

:: a Value Add | Investigative Journalism & Creative Writing

The literary arts are an underutilized tool in the ocean realm. While the convention in ocean advocacy and outreach has been to attract and engage using visual arts, the written word can convey the deep, emotional experience attained by the investigator who is experiencing the undersea world. Communicating these experiences in writing allow the reader to better understand the personal, one-on-one human connectivity with the ocean that is inspired through its exploration. OO supports creative writing and its inclusion in web and interactive media throughout all of its projects.



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Ocean Opportunity Inc. is a Rhode Island non-profit organization incorporated in 2003. In 2004, it received its 501(c)3 tax-exempt determination from the United States Internal Revenue Service.

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