Student & Educator Resources

We’re always thrilled to reach and inspire students and classrooms with the themes embedded within our work. Please contact us for collaborative opportunities to expand upon STEM initiatives.

Poster Downloads

You are welcome to download the below files and print in poster format. We welcome donations to support the ongoing creative development work that makes these resources possible. 100% of proceeds benefits Ocean Opportunity Inc.

History of Diving from Mashable .pdf

This cool infographic by Mashable tracks the history of diving, leading up to our recent debut of the Exosuit ADS for scientific exploration.

Exosuit ADS Spec Schematic .pdf

This poster is a schematic breakout of the Nuytco Research Ltd. Exosuit, produced by the American Museum of Natural History. The Exosuit is the priority vehicle for several forthcoming projects.

Life on the Edge .pdf

This poster represents our 2010 fieldwork theme. The image is a to-scale mosaic revealing the vertical mesophotic coral ecosystem from 0 to 100 meters.

Molecular Products Ad .pdf

This poster is from our friends at Molecular Products who have generously supported our explorations for several years. The image includes our to-scale mosaic revealing the vertical wall from 0 to 100 meters.

Exploration & Human Health .pdf

This poster represents the core theme from our 2002 through 2005 fieldwork, and includes images and facts about natural products discovery from unexplored frontiers.

Want to be an Ocean Explorer or Diving Professional?

National Geographic Explorers Profile

Questions about Living the Life Aquatic?

Read these FAQs for insight on college, your career, and professional diving.

Internships & Mentoring

We routinely work with students – from elementary school up through graduate students – to provide guidance and mentorship on the themes embedded in our work.

OO has hosted interns from MIT, URI, Brown University, New England Tech, Johnson & Wales University, and Seekonk High School. Contact us with inquiries.

this little fish…

Kids love learning about this little fish with a big name, Derilissus lombardii – a new species of mesophotic clingfish discovered during one of our National Geographic funded field programs, and archived at the American Museum of Natural History.

Click here to learn more, and send us your student artwork!