Oceans of Opportunity

Exploration & Human Health

Ocean Opportunity’s field programs frequently explore the critical linkage between ‘Exploration & Human Health’. 

Within any new or novel environment, the presence of alien life means the presence of alien biodiversity, and its resulting biological and chemical space that has not yet been fully explored.

Tools and techniques are the missing link required to fully capture a snapshot of this biodiversity for further study, and to preserve its value.

Since 2002, we have embarked on, funded, and otherwise supported exploration ‘in pursuit of’ discoveries that have significant potential to impact Human Health. This has often come in the form of discovering new species for biotechnology or pharmaceutical applications – our work has placed novel biologics in the hands of researchers at numerous institutions. 

Continuing to fuel this discovery pipeline, and responsibly capitalize on resulting discoveries, is a priority to improve humans’ relationship both with, and within the ocean.

Did You Know?

Ocean Opportunity Inc. was founded as the direct result of an inspiring single dive made on May 28, 2002.

In just 8 minutes of dive time at 300 feet, a dozen new species of marine sponge were discovered.

According to researchers at the University of Mississippi, half of these provided chemical clues into combating cancer and other human disease.

Help us continue to make these critical discoveries!