Oceans of Opportunity

Scientific Diver Brandon Carr using the RD1 in concert with ROV activities within Biosphere 2. Photo (c) Jona Silverstein.

Rebreather Day 1

Rebreather diving, or re-cycling the diver’s breathing gas, has existed since the 1800’s, only outpaced by other diving modes given slow to evolve safety features and systems – electronics from the 20th century opened the floodgates.

We believe that rebreather technology, and better understanding fundamentals in atmospheric management are critical to advancing the life aquatic.

By recycling the breathing gas, long duration dives can be made, the diver is stealthy and doesn’t scare marine life, and there are a myriad of physiological benefits for the diver’s health – welcome to the 21st century…rebreathers are now here to stay!

In response to demonstrated needs from our own field programs, Ocean Opportunity Inc. has spearhead the development of a compact, low-cost, and incredibly simple oxygen rebreather named ‘Rebreather Day 1’ (RD1). By leveraging rebreathers in their simplest form, not dissimilar to the 1800s variants, earlier dive career adoption is possible, as well as organic evolutions into more advanced diving techniques. 

Production units and components have been brought to market with strategic partners. Keep an eye out on OO sponsored dive endeavors – you will see Rebreather Day 1 enabling some amazing opportunities!