Oceans of Opportunity

Rebreather Day 1

Ocean Opportunity Inc. has spearhead the development of a compact, low-cost, and incredibly simple oxygen rebreather named ‘Rebreather Day 1’ (RD1).

We believe that rebreather technology plays a critical role in evolving the life aquatic, and that true success has to start very early in one’s diving career…possibly from ‘Day 1’.

RD1 makes this early adoption more practical and economical by placing this powerful tool in more people’s hands and engraining good practices from ‘Day 1’. This will allow for a more organic transition into mixed-gas rebreathers and broader market acceptance over time.

The RD1 components also allow a building block-like system to configure multiple specialty diving systems. Production units and components have been brought to market with strategic partners.

We are seeking strategic project ambassadors. Interested parties are welcomed to contact us for more details.