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Rebreather Forum 4

We are pleased to sponsor Rebreather Forum 4 with a contribution to boost the Mouthpiece Retaining Strap (MRS) safety initiative of the Rebreather Training Council.  All RF4 attendees will receive a MRS from Lombardi Undersea LLC.

Rebreather Forum 4 (RF4) is taking place Thursday through Saturday, 20-22 April 2023 at the old University of Malta campus in Valetta, Malta, sponsored by DAN Europe, DAN, PADI and Heritage Malta.

The purpose of the scientific and trade-only meeting is to advance the diving community’s state of knowledge regarding rebreather technology and its uses, with the goal of improving rebreather diving safety and performance. Proceedings of the meeting will be published and made publicly available.

More on the forum can be found here: Rebreather Forum 4