Oceans of Opportunity

Month: July 2015

Sirius | a review

I managed to push the envelope this weekend and stayed up til midnight to watch the documentary film ‘Sirius’. The film follows Dr. Stephen Greer’s perhaps evangelical pursuits to expose and disclose the truth about UFO’s and extra-terrestrials. While the subject is often taken as ‘hoakie’ by the masses, I’ve always been intrigued, even to…

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a particularly perilous summer

I write this with great pause out of respect for those who have lost friends and loved ones this diving season, though it goes without saying that this summer season has been a particularly perilous one and my hope for all is that we can find something positive from these local events. Just a few…

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Imagine an Aquatic America this 4th of July

To my fellow Americans, Happy 4th of July. Holidays here in the US are certainly a bit funny when you consider the passage of time. Independence of our country, sure, perhaps timeless. Here in Rhode Island we still celebrate ‘VJ Day’, or ‘Victory over Japan’ circa WWII. Time to get with the times on that…

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