Oceans of Opportunity

Month: June 2013

sink or swim

A recent article in the New York Times discussed the importance of knowing how to swim, especially for children, citing that the second leading cause of death for 1 to 19 year olds. With history revealing that modern ‘civilization’ has largely taken root in coastal areas to afford improved commerce and access to various aquatic resources,…

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Making Headlines | Nat Geo Explorers Symposium

Lombardi invited to speak at National Geographic Society’s 2013 Explorers Symposium. His forward presentation of the unique path to make diving a priority vehicle with high intellectual merit as its own field of study stirs controversy among science colleagues.

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another city lost, and found

Erin Burnett, you nailed it – ‘if we keep looking, we’ll always find something’. That’s why we do what we do, and is at the root of our species’ engineering. A recent (10 years ago) archaeological discovery unveiled the lost Egyptian city of Heracleion, with results just now going public. This is the perfect illustration of…

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another birthday

Another birthday. It is certainly funny how time passes, and of how our perception of time passing changes through various stages of life. Some birthdays are highly anticipated with excitement (turning 18 or 21 for example), and others can be a blow to morale (40, 70, etc). In the end, it seems as though celebrating a birthday…

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