Oceans of Opportunity

Month: October 2011

back to black(water)

Back at it – last winter/spring I partook in what was the single longest stretch of commercial diving that I had experienced. The project ran nearly daily for almost 6 months, requiring upwards of 30 hours of underwater time per week. Aside from the sheer exhaustion, I faced a number of other quasi-health problems which…

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occupational diving | standards and new frontiers?

At the recent 2011 American Academy of Underwater Sciences annual symposium in Portland, Maine, I offered a presentation highlighting my team’s deep scientific exploration work in the Bahamas. At the tail end of the presentation, I shared a rough pre-production sketch of a portable inflatable habitat that we are constructing to augment the decompression phase…

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‘occupy’ movement and global civility

What began as a seemingly insignificant Wall Street protest has generated global support – and rightfully so. We have some very real problems to address here in this country, all of which have global implications, and frankly the world economies are proud that the US is standing up to its nonsensical musings in recent history.…

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city under the sea | not so far fetched

Every now and again, I like to share a post that brings us right to the core of our journey – doing our part to enable ‘a new life in the sea’. Each and every time I put my head underwater, two things happen; 1) my curiosities are sparked, and 2) I learn something new…

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