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‘occupy’ movement and global civility

'A New Life in the Sea' by Michael LombardiWhat began as a seemingly insignificant Wall Street protest has generated global support – and rightfully so. We have some very real problems to address here in this country, all of which have global implications, and frankly the world economies are proud that the US is standing up to its nonsensical musings in recent history.

The trouble with the movement remains a cohesive objective of the protests. Long lists of complaints and issues have been brought forward, which makes it clear that there is a general discontent with our current state of affairs. What lacks is a clearly defined ‘list of grievances’.

As they say, ‘history repeats itself’. Arriving at a list of grievances would not be a first for this country. More than 200 years ago, Thomas Jefferson compiled such a list reflecting American colonists’ complaints against King George III and the rule of England. This of course resulted in the Declaration of Independence – marking the start of our independent country. Of course complicating the issues today are the massive population within the country, coupled with the fact that the grievances are from within, rather than to an entity abroad. Critical to ensuring peace through these early demonstrations will be some degree of responsiveness by the US government to the protests – and bold responses at that. Frankly, I believe that our rights and the ‘power of the vote’ have proven less effective than the overriding the influence of media driven campaigns. I’m not one to fully develop this argument, though I think one can be made that our political system does not reflect the needs and wants of the people. Everyone I’ve talked to seems to have a complaint about something these days.

So, how do we fix any of this moving forward? Well, short of a civil war and major overthrow of government, we need people to infiltrate our current political system that will stand up to ‘the system’ and fight for radical change in the interests of the people…and this means NOW.

Interestingly, while a small voice in the grander picture, there are folks planning their great escape in an alternative way – trekking out to settle an entirely new frontier – claiming their independence from our corrupt terrestrial counterparts, and venturing to oceana incognita – for the duration.

One movement is Dennis Chamberland’s Aquatica Project . Dennis proposes to significantly advance undersea habitation to the point where we humans can arrive at a sustainable and permanent presence underwater. A second movement is the Seasteading Institute. The institute proposes to establish permanent and independent ocean based communities specifically for the purpose of evolving new social and political structures. Both efforts are fascinating – however quite likely considered all too forward thinking for the masses – though absolutely critical from my perspective in considering our long term sustainability here on Earth. Frankly, we’re failing our test. To pass means finding balance, a sustained system, a harmony with nature to promote our survivorship and continued evolution, a gaia, and a degree of global civility.

Needless to say, we’re in for some interesting times. I’m not discounting the power of the people and the potential for change, though I see far greater potential for us out on and beneath the waves. That’s where I’ll be…

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