Oceans of Opportunity

Month: October 2015

Xploration 2050 | Humans Adapt

Lombardi describes recent efforts in portable underwater habitat development to create a novel undersea workspace and experience. Program aired on Fox TV’s ‘Xploration 2050’ on October 24, 2015 with an episode focus on human adaptation and habitation within novel spaces.

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Cowspiracy | a Review

Just when you think the root of the climate change problem is finally recognized, you realize that we’ll be screaming til the cows come home. Fossil fuel consumption, yes, certainly a problem. But what about methane? My weekly Netflix mind-melting activities caught the attention of the documentary film ‘Cowspiracy‘ which focusses on the apparently taboo…

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lose one, break one, steal one

When ordering supplies for a recent project, a colleague arrived at a parts list factoring in the ‘extra items’ we would need with the premise of understanding that divers will ‘lose one, break one, and steal one’. We all had a chuckle, but also understand full well that this is one of those true cultural…

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