Oceans of Opportunity

Month: July 2012

A Last Dive for Glowing Animals – NYTimes.com

From our friends and colleagues at the American Museum of Natural History and the City University of New York, posted in the New York Times: On the 15-kilometer boat ride out to the Western Province reef, the members of the research expedition sit tight, focusing on the night dive ahead — our last dive in…

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Cousteau, a green pioneer

 A recent CNN piece described Cousteau as so much more than a pioneering diver and explorer – but a creative genius and green pioneer – and that he was. I’ve studied Cousteau’s works and career as his model for exploration was obviously immensely successful and one to be considered carefully when taking steps in the…

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Making Headlines | Ocean Space Habitat on Nat Geo

Having realized limitations in deep Mesophotic intervention from work in 2010, Lombardi teams up with Subsalve USA to develop a portable inflatable habitat for improved decompression efficiency. Lombardi receives second award from National Geographic Society to deploy and evaluate the system. Lombardi and Godfrey are first to successfully deploy a purpose built inflatable portable decompression…

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the end of the Age of Aquarius

Being immersed in the ocean science community, many of this foresaw this inevitability, but there’s nothing like the national e-news to confirm things – Aquarius, the world’s last underwater laboratory dedicated for science is closed. The symbolism of this closing event is more discouraging than the close itself. From a business perspective, especially given the…

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new species of fish discovered ‘in Bahama Deep’

A critical component of our work in exploration is the process of discovery. Visiting a unique environment for the first time exposes limitless opportunities for driving science, and purest discovery lies at its roots. The Bahamas has provided our living test bed for experimenting with novel scientific diving techniques within the mesophotic, or ‘middle light’,…

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