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A Last Dive for Glowing Animals – NYTimes.com

From our friends and colleagues at the American Museum of Natural History and the City University of New York, posted in the New York Times:

On the 15-kilometer boat ride out to the Western Province reef, the members of the research expedition sit tight, focusing on the night dive ahead — our last dive in the Solomon Islands. All day, we had dodged intermittent storms, but as night falls the sea is calm. As Taska, our guide, pulls up to our destination, a remote coral wall, we can hear the thundering crash of waves breaking over the shallower portions of the reef.
“If anything goes wrong tonight, look for us over there,” Ken Corben, who filmed the documentary “The Deadliest Job in the World,” says to Taska, pointing to the shadow of a distant palm island.
The expedition is nearly over, and in a short time we will begin our three-day journey home, but we have each accumulated enough information to keep us busy for months to come. We traveled to the Solomons to pursue a common research interest: glowing animals. Our five-person research team brings a diverse array of biological specializations (systematics, microbiology, molecular biology, marine biology and neuroscience), and combined with Ken’s underwater cinematography expertise, we have many tantalizing data points and images to pore over when we return to our research institutes..


A Last Dive for Glowing Animals – NYTimes.com