Oceans of Opportunity

Month: November 2013

marine mammals, reflexive diving, and evolution

A recent popular article entitled ‘How whales made the dramatic evolutionary shift from land to sea’ presents a short overview of the this theory in mammalian aquatic evolution. The basic premise is that adaptation to ocean life by terrestrial mammals was marked by resistance to physiological stresses caused by a lack of oxygen and high salt levels. The article…

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Cryptozoology | facts, fiction, and fantasy

There have been several reports of bizarre creatures washing up on the beach in recent months – triggering some hype about the field of ‘cryptozoology‘. This science, defined as the ‘study of hidden animals’, is arguably indeed a science – despite the overpowering popular myths and folklore that bring the body of work to the public.…

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Controlled chaos

My ‘think tank’. Been away for a few weeks and came back to the mess I left… Lots of half finished projects…probably two lifetimes of work to do. Any helpers out there?

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Higher Tides, Typhoons, and Assimilation

This week brought the human race perhaps the worst natural disaster in modern history – Typhoon Haiyan. The news headlines have played every angle imaginable to jockey for readership position – the loss of life, the mass of displaced people, major destruction of critical infrastructure, and yes, global warming. With the latter, one may consider…

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Secrets to Life, as Chapters

While I’m certainly not an expert on the ins and outs of how to live anyone’s life – what has jumped out at me with acute clarity recently is a view of ‘life’ as ‘chapters’. In many ways, I believe this is present with all people, though not always realized as their dividing lines take some close…

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