Oceans of Opportunity

Month: September 2012

saved by the snail’s pace

Well, a fresh new project kicked off yesterday, and is proving to be a much needed refresher in underwater welding. While I’ve had a few small welding projects here and there over the last several months, this project is putting it all to the test. In the water at 0730, then burning rod after rod…

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on and in an aquatic state

Late yesterday afternoon, the phone rang and the ‘hello’ was forgone. I was met only with a  ‘you’re leaving at midnight’… This wasn’t the first time, and certainly won’t be the last, as this life aquatic as an underwater vagabond has a way of keeping the flow (excuse the pun) of work in a multitude of…

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composure, aptitude, & situational awareness

A recent series of very routine working dives reminded me of what has come to be my ‘trinity’ in diving – composure, aptitude, and situational awareness. While I infrequently dive recreationally, from time to time I do find myself in the water with new divers. More than general discomfort, anxiety, or nervousness, what jumps out…

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