Oceans of Opportunity

Month: May 2015

diving is like riding a bike…and falling off

While I’ve been good about maintaining a proficiency regimen for various diving skills and technical equipment, I have not spent much time actually working underwater since my role shifted into program development for recent #exosuitproject efforts. This has been a challenge for me, as I went from literally spending every day underwater for numerous years…

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NASA’s Ocean Worlds Exploration Program

News of a recent NASA proposed budget to the House Appropriations Committee crossed my desk just this week, and while the vision is exciting, I’m somewhat disturbed. The punchline of the proposed Ocean Worlds Exploration Program includes ambitious life-seeking missions to the watery worlds of Europa, Enceladus, and Titan, with program development tipping well over the…

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Trapped Under the Sea | a review

With my recent travel schedules I’ve managed to do some much needed catch up  on my reading list, and just turned the last page of Neil Swidey’s ‘Trapped Under the Sea’. The book recounts the tragic event involving the loss of two divers during the Deer Island outfall tunnel project in Boston several years ago.…

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the chronic tinkering disease

Well, I played hookie this Monday morning and went for a dive. Guilty? Heck no…I call it good strategy in that I worked through the weekend so was due for a break and skipped the weekend dive site crowds in favor of the very still and quiet Monday morning. Not a soul in sight. For…

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saved by slivers of a cent

For sanity’s sake and practice of good form, I’ve been doing my absolute best to commit a half a day each weekend to going diving. Call it ‘my time’ to decompress from terra firma while striving to maintain all of the acute senses and perceptions that are needed to push this life aquatic just a…

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