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the chronic tinkering disease

'A New Life in the Sea' by Michael LombardiWell, I played hookie this Monday morning and went for a dive. Guilty? Heck no…I call it good strategy in that I worked through the weekend so was due for a break and skipped the weekend dive site crowds in favor of the very still and quiet Monday morning. Not a soul in sight.

For the last several years I’ve been on a bit of a research and development hook to make things ‘better’ – more productive, more efficient, safer, and so on. With that comes a lot of shop time, and less in-water time, so I’ve made it my 2015 resolution to do a lot more diving this season…and not work diving, but rather more leisurely technical and exploration diving. As R&D efforts materialize, the latter stages are often what I consider a chronic tinkering disease. That is, one ends up spending countless hours fidgeting with the finer details. Some out of necessity, some are just compulsive.

breaking that rut can be very difficult. For those who dive rebreathers, you know exactly what I mean. There are few who do not make changes to their equipment – even something as seemingly simple as new hose routing can result in hours upon hours of this tinkering I am speaking of. Fortunately, I can see the light at the end of the tinkering (at least for this round) and am getting back to diving.

This morning I caught the incoming tide, which contrary to my expectations, resulted in some churned up water and less than ideal conditions. Nevertheless, the solitude made it worth it…away from the chaos and the busy-ness of the daily grind, and into the silent world.

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