Oceans of Opportunity

Diving Science | Marine Technology Society

Ocean Opportunity Inc. supports diving science activities consistent with the Marine Technology Society’s Code of Practice for Occupational Diving, which presents a very exciting opportunity for the convergence of techniques and technologies that will strengthen humans’ position within the Blue Economy.

The MTS Diving Committee recognizes that the development and application of diving
technology or related techniques is a scientific field unto itself (“diving science”) and was chartered to take an active leadership role in steering fundamental issues [and opportunities] surrounding the development and application of new diving technology and techniques among and between historically disparate occupational diving communities.

Ocean Opportunity Inc. looks forward to continuing to nurture this position for the Marine Technology Society.

Recent activities include:

-Organizing and editing the 2013 Special Issue for the Marine Technology Society’s Journal entitled ‘Diving Technology and Techniques for the 21st Century’.

-Administering a diving technology survey to occupational diving sector stakeholders.

-Drafting for publication a MTS Diving Committee ‘Code of Practice’ to steer diving program management. Download the MTS Occupational Diving Code of Practice.