Oceans of Opportunity

Month: February 2012

Big Bang Theory

We all need to decompress. When I’m not literally decompressing (reducing elevated pressures of absorbed gasses in my tissues) from my long days underwater, I decompress like the rest – occassionally this includes watching some TV. Recently, I’ve been drawn to the ‘Big Bang Theory’. While mindless, the show sheds light on the very real…

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the chronic physical hazards of the life aquatic

Just 45 days into 2012, and I’m at hour 82 spent underwater for the year – and its not getting any easier. I’ve discussed the myriad of physical problems faced with diving here previously. Given that we’re still in the thick of winter (though be it a mild one), the environmental factors alone can wreak…

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The Age of Aquarius

Fifty years ago today – February 4th, 1962 – a particular celestial alignment lent itself to our embracing ‘the Age of Aquarius’. This was of course an interesting time, with the Age coinciding with radical sociopolitical change, and the outward promotion of a liberal new world view. Of course, the word ‘Aquarius’ share its roots with…

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Reconnect by disconnecting

Recent news headlines brought us a story of a young man who relinquished his digital ties for 90 days. Yes, this is such an outrageous concept that it made national news. What does this say about our species? I see it as losing touch with our role here on Earth…and a step in human devolution,…

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