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Reconnect by disconnecting

'A New Life in the Sea' by Michael LombardiRecent news headlines brought us a story of a young man who relinquished his digital ties for 90 days. Yes, this is such an outrageous concept that it made national news. What does this say about our species?

I see it as losing touch with our role here on Earth…and a step in human devolution, quite likely towards the demise of the human race. We may very well be at the point where if technology went away – so would we. Commerce, medicine, and social interaction would all go awry. Scary.

Considering that history repeats itself, it is entirely reasonable that we, humans, have been through this before. It is not so far fetched to believe that advanced civilizations vanished due to technology loss, or humans’ inability to respond to a crisis without enabling technologies. Where are the Maya? Where are the ancient Egyptians? Why were these civilizations abandoned? – Where are the Atlanteans?

If all went away today, could you survive amidst the social upheaval? While I don’t believe that it is necessary to maintain hunter/gatherer skill sets, I do believe that it is necessary to find balance with our environment. This is required in my line of work as an undersea professional, and exposes life lessons daily that carry over into a better centered existence on a daily basis.

For example, I venture into a vastly unknown region of space each and every day – totally removed from the conventions of our terrestrial footprint. My sensory perception is different as I can’t see, taste, or smell; my motor skills are different as I am nearly weightless; and my problem solving instincts are at a new level of acuity as at any given moment I must be an engineer, scientist, plumber, electrician, mason, carpenter, and so on. The point is that by being off the grid, I am forced to survive.

Staying on the grid, we are encouraged to be codependent.

Over the next several months, we’ll be revealing our plans to take human evolution in a new direction – away from our slow devolution and on to a necessary step to evolve towards ‘a new life in the sea’.

Much to do.