Oceans of Opportunity

Month: November 2009

MSNBC | thousands of new species found in deep sea

A recent AP release read on MSNBC goes on to describe ocean exploration at its finest moment – where 17,650…

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Tricks of the Trade | Plastic Wrap

Among the joys of the life aquatic are the need for on the fly innovation. Divers often joke about ‘zip…

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ecogenesis, or ecogenocide?

A recent History Channel program about space exploration shed light on the concept of ‘ecogenesis’, of Mars in particular. For…

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2010 Northeast Rebreather & Advanced Diving Technology Workshop

All are welcome to the 2010 Rebreather & Advanced Diving Technology Workshop on January 23rd, at the University of Rhode…

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For an all too brief two days last week, I forwent the expense of the vaporetti and took on the…

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