Oceans of Opportunity

Month: November 2009

MSNBC | thousands of new species found in deep sea

A recent AP release read on MSNBC goes on to describe ocean exploration at its finest moment – where 17,650 species have been discovered living below 656 feet, the point where sunlight ceases, according to a recent update on a 10-year census of marine life. Story can be found here. The process of biological discovery…

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Tricks of the Trade | Plastic Wrap

Among the joys of the life aquatic are the need for on the fly innovation. Divers often joke about ‘zip ties and duct tape’. In 2009, a tug boat was taking on water through a shaft seal. Coastal Diving responded by wrapping the shaft and cutlass bearing with plastic wrap. When the shaft seal was…

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ecogenesis, or ecogenocide?

A recent History Channel program about space exploration shed light on the concept of ‘ecogenesis’, of Mars in particular. For those not familiar with this activity, also known as ‘terraforming’, it involves catalyzing the development of a new or altered ecosystem. The television program went on to suggest that as humans venture to Mars with…

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2010 Northeast Rebreather & Advanced Diving Technology Workshop

All are welcome to the 2010 Rebreather & Advanced Diving Technology Workshop on January 23rd, at the University of Rhode Island. The event is being organized by Ocean Opportunity Inc., and hosted by URI’s Center of Excellence for Undersea Technology. A great line-up of speakers will be presenting including Jeff Godfrey, Eliot Danner, Dave Sutton,…

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For an all too brief two days last week, I forwent the expense of the vaporetti and took on the City of Venice by foot to work off the trinity – wine, cheese, and chocolate that is. With waves gently lapping onto the stone steps lining the Grand Canal, this is the place where our…

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