Oceans of Opportunity

Month: June 2011

swimming in sharky waters

The recent news that ultra swimmer Penny Palfrey’s team went so far as killing three sharks to enable her recent record is nothing short of appalling. Palfrey’s record to conduct a 67 mile ocean swim in the Caymans was nearly cut short as she was approached by several oceanic white tip sharks, so when it…

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into a blue state of mind

The coffee shop – from the early morning kick in the ass, to enabling all-day virtual meeting rooms around the world – for better or worse, coffee shops are our new social drugstore. Strange topic to chat about here on ‘A New Life’ you might ask? Well, I can honestly say that I’ve gotten my best…

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a tribute to summers at the Newport Shipyard

I just wrapped up a week long project in Newport, Rhode Island – just one of several  locations that defines ‘Ocean State‘ exceedingly well. This week’s project was a continuation of demolition work I’ve been involved with there at the Newport Shipyard for several years, where we have been removing an old underwater railway system…

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if you can Google it…cut it

Erase party lines on this one folks, and take this one close to heart – that is Republican Tim Pawlenty’s proposed financial plan to eliminate federal programs and services that are readily available out there in the real world. Sound drastic? I call it some good old common sense, and it’s about time! I’ve seen…

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the homogenization of humanity

I’ve been reluctant to blog on this subject given the great sensitivities that arise from several perspectives, but I just can’t shake a long slew of thoughts from my mind. A couple of weeks ago, a story broke about a Canadian couple who refused to disclose the sex of their child, suggesting that the child…

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destination: under the sea

My last post discussed the perspective that all of our forays to the deep blue were a ‘vacation’. With opportunities like going out to eat at an underwater restaurant, or a stay at an underwater hotel as read about in a recent CNN piece, that vacation idea might not be too far off. I can…

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