Month: June 2011

swimming in sharky waters

The recent news that ultra swimmer Penny Palfrey’s team went so far as killing three sharks to enable her recent…

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into a blue state of mind

The coffee shop – from the early morning kick in the ass, to enabling all-day virtual meeting rooms around the world…

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a tribute to summers at the Newport Shipyard

I just wrapped up a week long project in Newport, Rhode Island – just one of several  locations that defines…

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if you can Google it…cut it

Erase party lines on this one folks, and take this one close to heart – that is Republican Tim Pawlenty’s…

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the homogenization of humanity

I’ve been reluctant to blog on this subject given the great sensitivities that arise from several perspectives, but I just…

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destination: under the sea

My last post discussed the perspective that all of our forays to the deep blue were a ‘vacation’. With opportunities…

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