Oceans of Opportunity

Month: October 2013

time in the water, time in the water, time in the water

While away from home recently, I was sitting at a bar having dinner when conversation was struck up with a local man. As conversations tend to lead – we landed on the topic of diving, and my efforts with the Exosuit ADS in particular. After sharing a picture of the Exosuit to this person, I…

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Exosuit ADS training clip – YouTube

Exosuit ADS training clip – YouTube Exosuit very close to being put to work. For more from the author, visit oceanopportunity.com. Donate today to enable exploration and to keep related content coming!

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on world views, and ‘overviews’

Having spent the last twenty days  living and working within the surreal dimension of the island nation of the Solomons, I’ve had ample time to reflect on the underwater experience afforded from this pristine part of the Pacific‘s coral triangle. It’s difficult to call any field experience like this ‘routine’, though in many ways it…

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