Oceans of Opportunity

Month: December 2020

Rhode Island Clinicians to Implement New Non-Invasive Ventilation to Help Prevent Strain on Hospitals During COVID-19 Surge

Subsalve USA and Nanotronics Health donate medical devices and provide on-site training across Rhode Island healthcare system in a joint humanitarian effort QUONSET, R.I. & NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Quonset Rhode Island based, Subsalve USA and Brooklyn, New York based, Nanotronics Health, have teamed up in their first domestic partnership, to provide humanitarian relief to clinicians in Rhode Island as they…

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The Future of Diving Technology | Making Ocean News Headlines

Let’s not forget the human element…thanks to ON&T for looking at The Future of Diving Technology. Read the article. pdf download.

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In Frankivsk OKL patients are saved from lack of oxygen with the help of special helmets

The other day a special helmet was used for the first time to treat patients with severe respiratory failure. Doctors say that this innovative method of non-invasive lung ventilation has its advantages and both specialists and patients have already seen its effectiveness. This is reported on the page of the institution. “Such helmets were first used in Italy…

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