Oceans of Opportunity

Month: September 2011

the bluewater dimension | a next frontier for human exploration

It’d been several years since I ventured this far offshore, so this journey was a welcomed one. Teamed up with Dr. Brad Seibal and his science party aboard the R/V Endeavor, we set out about 200 nautical miles south from Rhode Island, which put us off the Maryland/Delaware coast, out into the Gulf Stream. The 20…

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Communion | a review

I finally picked up Author Whitley Strieber’s ‘Communion’, and could not put it down. I’ve walked by the book dozens of times in bookstores, at airports, and have seen the dark glossy eyes on the cover peering deep within me, almost hauntingly, to the point where I was somewhat afraid of the read. I must…

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The Genesis Race | a review

Will Hart’s ‘The Genesis Race’ is a well developed compendium of thoughts and theories as to the origin of the human race and its propensity for evolving towards civilization. Hart emphasizes throughout the text that the sudden impulse towards civilization across the globe some 6000 years ago needed some organized and intelligent precursor to introduce the…

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Panspermia and the Genesis Race

After motoring through the early chapters of Will Hart’s ‘The Genesis Race’, I’m somewhat compelled to briefly discuss the concpet of ‘panspermia’. The book begins with tackling the ever so controversial topics of evolution and organized religion – and digging deep to identify where the two subjects intertwine. Along this discussion, we are introduced to…

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Atlantis and 2012 | a review

Frank Joseph’s ‘Atlantis and 2012’ takes us on a deepened journey into Atlantean theory as it applies to the 2012 controversy. Much of the discussion builds on the Cayce readings, though ties in historical and archaeological evidence from early civilization, namely the Maya though also Native North American and other relatively advanced early cultures. The book…

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