Oceans of Opportunity

Month: September 2011

the bluewater dimension | a next frontier for human exploration

It’d been several years since I ventured this far offshore, so this journey was a welcomed one. Teamed up with…

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Communion | a review

I finally picked up Author Whitley Strieber’s ‘Communion’, and could not put it down. I’ve walked by the book dozens…

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The Genesis Race | a review

Will Hart’s ‘The Genesis Race’ is a well developed compendium of thoughts and theories as to the origin of the…

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Panspermia and the Genesis Race

After motoring through the early chapters of Will Hart’s ‘The Genesis Race’, I’m somewhat compelled to briefly discuss the concpet…

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Atlantis and 2012 | a review

Frank Joseph’s ‘Atlantis and 2012’ takes us on a deepened journey into Atlantean theory as it applies to the 2012 controversy.…

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