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The Genesis Race | a review

'A New Life in the Sea' by Michael LombardiWill Hart’s ‘The Genesis Race’ is a well developed compendium of thoughts and theories as to the origin of the human race and its propensity for evolving towards civilization. Hart emphasizes throughout the text that the sudden impulse towards civilization across the globe some 6000 years ago needed some organized and intelligent precursor to introduce the various technological, communication, and survival mechanisms that we have since discovered about the ancients. Without directly declaring that human civilization has benefited from extra-terrestrial (as in ‘alien’) intervention until the book’s last chapter, the thread throughout is one where humans have a uniqueness in our free will, rather than rely solely on animal instincts, and the rather short time frame by which we have evolved to think our way through problems is in fact too short to be the result of a natural evolutionary process.

Hart describes consistencies among the ancient civilizations – from Sumer to Central America – where ‘the gods’ all played an intricate role in delivering gifts of technology and knowledge as the catalysts for cultural evolution. Each historical account appears to parallel Judeo-Christian Biblical accounts, indicating that at least with the limited physical archaeological evidence in hand, many of the stories hold a degree of truth.

Throughout this course of self-study into Atlantean theory, the start of civilization, and human evolution gets more and more interesting, particularly as patterns are exposed in ancient human history, as well as patterns in climate change. The challenge becomes not getting overwhelmed by theory, and probing deep enough to find facts; as facts are hard to find when we are dealing with events taking place more than 6000 years ago.

In many ways, exposing and learning from our past is taking us on a journey to realize and find clarity in our future here on Earth.

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