Oceans of Opportunity

Month: March 2009

Friedman on the Environment

“What if the crisis of 2008 represents something more fundamental than a recession, and 2008 was when we hit the wall — when Mother Nature and the market both said: “No more.”-Thomas Friedman, New York Times I was so pleased to read these words in a recent NY Times op-ed by one of my favorite…

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A digital Earth

In so more many ways than one, we live and work on a digital Earth. While slightly behind the times, even today’s environmental movements are going greener than ever and making the most of interactive communications technologies and media formats to broadcast their message, and engage the world’s largest venue…online. This trend is even taking…

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Thank you for attending Boston Sea Rovers

Thank you to all who attended the Boston Sea Rovers Clinic this past weekend. The show’s attendance seemed up, despite today’s economic woes, which is a great sign for our industry. Also many thanks to those who attended my presentation on Bahamian Blue Holes. I had the tough time slot – being first thing in…

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New Educational Films from Ocean Opportunity

Ocean Opportunity is pleased to announce the release of two new educational films. These are being distributed via Amazon.com. These are as follows: ‘A Will to Live, A Dream to Dive’This film is a collection of media segments that chronicle the Diving a Dream project from 2004 through 2007, which enabled Matthew Johnston to become…

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The Art of Self

Among the most humbling reasons why I have chosen to make my living underwater is the renewed focus on being centered. What does this mean exactly? Well, to start, I can’t help but mention situational awareness. Day after day of simply walking down the street, one will inevitably cross paths with someone who is not…

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