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A digital Earth

In so more many ways than one, we live and work on a digital Earth. While slightly behind the times, even today’s environmental movements are going greener than ever and making the most of interactive communications technologies and media formats to broadcast their message, and engage the world’s largest venue…online.

This trend is even taking hold on government programs. One relatively new example is NOAA’s Environmental Visualization Laboratory. The program is bringing the latest in NOAA research to the public where it needs to be met.

Somehow, and in some way, the ocean and environmental community is in desperate need of a boost in this area. It is making progress, yet struggles to keep up with the times, let alone get ahead of the curve. Further, cutting edge ocean research & exploration, often requiring unconventional sources of funds, needs to jump ahead to become more competitive for the ever scarcer funds out there.

In short, my take home today is this…invest heavily in mainstream marketing, interactive communication technologies, and multimedia capabilities for your organization or project. Even the simplest tools can and do make a huge difference. Hey, you can always start with something as simple as a blog. We’re here, have captivated you for the time being, and are proud to finally be ‘walking the talk’ after all these years.

Stay tuned as some very exciting work comes your way, paving the way for a new life in the sea.