Oceans of Opportunity

Month: January 2013

no more brick and mortar – bigger isn’t always better

A colleague recently shared an article with me that describes a new concept of inflatable additions for the space station or other space habitats. Idea simply being that one can pack all of the essential mission-critical infrastructure into a smaller package, then ‘inflate’ once on site to have a reasonably sized bubble to live and…

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a new world view from the ‘bottom up’

Several year ago, I stumbled on an article by an MIT student that discussed the concept of ‘underwater camping’ – the simple ability to make a foray into the ocean, and stay for awhile. It was a compelling idea. My interests in ocean exploration have always leaned heavily on improving human intervention – advanced diving…

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fiscal embarassment

Here we are, New Year’s eve, staring the at the blank promise of a bright and prosperous 2013 right in the face. Today’s political antics regarding the looming ‘fiscal cliff’ are yet another stark reminder of our nation’s state of affairs. It seems that the issues are mounting – a housing market bubble, debt ceiling…

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