Oceans of Opportunity

Month: December 2012

still here

If you’re reading this, then I suppose we all made it through. The last baktun came to an end, and the next one is underway. Rather than call it an end, call it a new beginning… All of the December 21st hype is a good thing in many ways, as it reminds us all of…

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the man in the canoe | this guy’s got it all right

The man in the canoe – perfect on all fronts. This CNN piece caught my eye from several perspectives – a man is effectively living in a canoe out in Boston Harbor, making use of public waterways and facilities to supplement his very paired down subsistence out on the water. Most importantly – he has…

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the research ‘investment’

A recent article in our local ‘Providence Journal’ newspaper raised some discussion about our State University – the University of Rhode Island – and its ability to generate jobs via its flagship program in oceanography. The questions embedded throughout the piece related to spinning small/private business out of the research community. Being involved in private…

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