Oceans of Opportunity

Month: August 2009

Bill, Danny…what’s in a name?

Weekend #2 this season with threats of severe tropical weather keeping me at my desk, rather than outside. This is the first summer season in several years with two major storms making their way here in the Northeast so early. Last week, Hurricane Bill, and this week, Tropical storm Danny. The reports cause a degree…

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a little bit of an open mind can go a long, long way

The kid’s statement at the tail end of this news piece is one that should resonate in all of our heads…’2000 years ago, no one believed the Earth was round’. In the grand scheme of things, that amount of time is relatively insignificant. However, given our short visit to this Planet, it is difficult to…

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facing fears, and moving forward

August is an exciting time for environmentalists and ocean enthusiasts. here in the Northern Hemisphere, the warm weather draws us outside to play and find new and exciting interactions with the world around us. It is also the annual home to the Discovery Channel’s ‘Shark Week’, where for better or worse, both sides of the…

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Overpopulation Devastation

It’s been kept quiet because it’s controversial…overpopulation. The ethics police would have field days on this subject, that is the impact of people on our environment. CNN’s recent news piece on the subject reveals some fascinating data: Embedded video from CNN Video People, including you and me, are the root cause of our environmental crisis.…

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new article | A Reef from Ruins

This column was recently published in RI Monthly: A Reef from Ruins – Rhode Island Many thanks to my Editor Nicole Maranhas for her continued committment to helping us reach Rhode Islanders with critical ocean and environmental issues. Shared via AddThis

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