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a little bit of an open mind can go a long, long way

The kid’s statement at the tail end of this news piece is one that should resonate in all of our heads…’2000 years ago, no one believed the Earth was round’. In the grand scheme of things, that amount of time is relatively insignificant. However, given our short visit to this Planet, it is difficult to fathom what the next two thousand years will bring.

Embedded video from CNN Video

Bigfoot, the tooth fairy, UFOs, and yes even creatures from the sea…mermaids often entertain us as children, but as we grow older the dreams, wishes, and playful thinking that runs our imaginations wild would be deemed delusional. That is society talking, and the routines that are imposed on us all by ‘reality’. One should ask, ‘Whose reality is this?’. Perhaps ‘reality’ should be put in perspective.

My point is this…if someone says they saw a mermaid…investigate whether in fact they did see a mermaid before finding all of the reasons that they did not. It may be a more difficult road, but that is what makes our world turn, and just a little bit more exciting along the way.

We know so little about our own Planet. Head outside with an open mind – I guarantee new possibilities, and dreams will expose themselves and rejuvenate that imagination that has been brushed away in the real world. Who knows…it is so very possible that the place where your world takes you may be the next frontier for the rest of us.