Oceans of Opportunity

Month: April 2012

earth day | where is the (dis)connectivity?

Another year, another short single day dedicated to all things green (& blue). Those of us in the environmental industry, or at least actively engaged in environmental enthusiasm and activity find the grander scale initiatives of interest and appealing – and we are generally willing to lend support however possible; be it signing another e-circulated…

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the relentless spread of humanity

A recent piece on CNN shares NASA satellite imagery indicating our shift to city–dwelling over time. Of course not-so-coincidental is that many of our major cities are on the world’s coasts, as they provide the hubs for commerce, and accessibility, and favorable climates. Strikingly obvious is that the coast is where our migration has ended…

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metabolic mayhem

While most experience some weight shifting through the seasons, especially here in the Northeast where distinct and sharply contrasted climates cause a sort of hibernation at times, and binge around the holidays to fatten up for the winter cold; this weight change is overwhelmingly apparent when my busy dive season kicks into gear. I can’t help…

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