Oceans of Opportunity

Month: September 2009

science, Docs, & rock’n roll

Seven or eight years ago I recall discussions with a colleague where this was ‘only a matter of time’, and…

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Ocean Aesthetics

The Age of Discovery and subsequent settlement of the New World was highly dependent on waterways. Navigation, transportation, food source,…

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Cave Divers Risk Their Lives to Explore the Underworld

Wired Magazine recently published the below article which is an interview with Jill Heinerth. For those not familiar with Jill’s…

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how much is too much?

For those of you who are not familiar with my daytime musings, I am a fulltime contract diver. I went…

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blue holes lecture tonight – Hawthorne, NY!

I will be offering a lecture inclusive of slides and video about the Blue Holes of the Bahamas tonight at…

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