Oceans of Opportunity

Month: September 2009

science, Docs, & rock’n roll

Seven or eight years ago I recall discussions with a colleague where this was ‘only a matter of time’, and now I can proudly say ‘it’s about time!’. That is…to advance the sciences, we need to find a certain sex-appeal that will reach the masses. ‘Rock Stars of Science’ does just that. Embedded video from…

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Ocean Aesthetics

The Age of Discovery and subsequent settlement of the New World was highly dependent on waterways. Navigation, transportation, food source, a place to bathe – and it goes on. There was a dependence there that warrants not only appreciation, but also an intricate symbiosis necessary for survival. Human civilization evolved along coasts and waterways because…

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Cave Divers Risk Their Lives to Explore the Underworld

Wired Magazine recently published the below article which is an interview with Jill Heinerth. For those not familiar with Jill’s work, she is hands-down one of the foremost authorities on cave exploration around the world. I’ve crossed paths with Jill a few times over the years…most notably during her contributions to Matt Johnston and the…

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how much is too much?

For those of you who are not familiar with my daytime musings, I am a fulltime contract diver. I went down this path as a means to face some personal fears and anxieties that I had about being in the water. Suffice to say, I am well past that, and now use my daily undersea…

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blue holes lecture tonight – Hawthorne, NY!

I will be offering a lecture inclusive of slides and video about the Blue Holes of the Bahamas tonight at Victor’s Restaurant in Hawthorne, NY. come by and check it out! presentation overview: The Blue Holes of the Bahamas have been the subject of ancient folklore and modern scientific intrigue. This lecture provides a basic…

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