Oceans of Opportunity

Month: September 2015

Gen II Ocean Space Habitat | Hong Kong

Lombardi deploys a Gen II Ocean Space Habitat at the City University of Hong Kong’s Kat O Island Research Fish Raft for integrated mulltitrophic aquaculture research. The Gen II system incorporates dedicated life support, making the system a dependent tool for the diver. Produced by Raymond Man.

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Xploration 2050 | Wearable Tech

Lombardi describes the value of the Exosuit ADS for future manned scientific exploration. Program aired on Fox TV’s ‘Xploration 2050’ on September 19, 2015.

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the ABC’s of a BC(D)

During my most recent dive outings, I decided to take a step back to the simple life and dive with only a backpack (no buoyancy compensator) This tends to draw some cross-eyed looks at the dive site, but in the mud diving world this is the norm. It also happens to be the way I…

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Swimming through a bowl full of jelly

Yesterday I spent a few hours at LURC to tidy up the place, and unpack from the recent journey to Hong Kong. Much as I do after many field excursions, I then headed off on a leisurely local dive in Jamestown for no other purpose than to keep some water flowing over the gills and…

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Reflexology 101 | The Chinese Foot Massage

Historically, I’ve never liked anyone touching my feet. But, with new business relations emerging in Hong Kong and China, during a visit last fall I found myself politely rolling with the customary punches so to speak…I got my first Chinese foot massage. Probably the most uniquely spent $20 you can ever invest is in a…

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