Oceans of Opportunity

Month: October 2010

Stonehenge | what’s it all about?

 Set deep in the countryside of Wiltshire, England lies one of our greatest mysteries – the monument (maybe?) of Stonehenge. The Stonehenge site is most classically defined by the large standing stones set in a circular pattern, but is more expansive including remnants of carved earth, and various artifacts from throughout the site’s history…

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9 Steps to Work Less and Do More | a review

Is it really that easy? Frankly yes, once you break down how and where time is so very easily wasted. Stever Robbins’ new book ‘9 Steps to Work Less and Do More’ does exactly that – takes what we should all so very easily be able to manage (our time), and presents us all with…

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Mermaids | in Context

A friend recently reminded me (Trove Boutiques) of just one reason our hearts and minds turn to the sea, particularly at a very young age. This one element, often considered fantasy in our adult years, but quite possibly representing a critical missing link in human evolution – mermaids. The first known mermaid stories appeared in…

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evolution or devolution & a case for superhumans

Homo sapiens have walked planet Earth for some 250,000 years plus or minus some reasonable margin of error in evolutionary history. On one hand, we might argue that we have evolved and are continuing to evolve as a species, in response to current environmental, social, and behavioral stimuli. On the other hand, one might argue…

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