Oceans of Opportunity

Month: May 2013

bumps, bruises, & the bends

Working dives are hard. There’s no way around it. Most often, the tasks we carry out are not with surgical…

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human ocean exploration – why bother?

Those of us who work and play out there on the edge – be it physically or intellectually – fully…

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the lion’s mane

Just as the excitement of milder, but stll very clear, New England waters kickstarts the spring diving season (yes, finally wet…

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humans’ place in frontier exploration

I received an e-invite a few days ago to participate in an online event that suggested participants will be “exploring…

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Hand in Hand | the Exosuit and Accessible Ocean Space

This is a special series on a ‘New Life’ by National Geographic Explorer Michael Lombardi as he chronicles his journey…

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