Oceans of Opportunity

Month: November 2008

short film 'Summertime Blues' released via Amazon

Ocean Opportunity is pleased to announce the release of its first minidoc (mini-documentary), ‘Summertime Blues’. The short film is an artistic piece communicating the beauty and plight of Rhode Island’s blue sharks. The film is the first in a series entitled ‘Earth | Get Connected’ which is designed to bring critical, yet rarely seen, ocean…

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The Ocean Opportunity VISA card fundraiser

There is no easier way to support our programs than with the Ocean Opportunity VISA card. This full featured credit card gives you more than just a statement every month…it will give you peace of mind in knowing that every time you use the card, a portion of your purchase is donated to Ocean Opportunity.…

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article published in Rhode Island Monthly Magazine

Many thanks to Rhode Island Monthly Magazine and my editor, Nicole Maranhas, for helping the Ocean State’s blue sharks receive some statewide attention. The December 2008 issues of RI Monthly Magazine features an article framed around our summer expedition to document and interact with this beautiful shark species. A short conservation minded DVD has been…

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Return to Lusca : December 2008 Expedition

On December 5th, I’ll be dodging the blistery New England cold that has set in and will travel south to my home away from home, the Bahamas. This mini-expedition is setting out to collaborate with Brian Kakuk of the Bahama Caves Research Foundation on Abaco. We’ll be exploring and filming the mysterious blue holes for…

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