Oceans of Opportunity

Month: December 2011

a new perspective on ‘our’ undersea world for 2012

With the turn of this new year, this is an opportune time to reflect on this year’s past and more importantly – start focusing energies for what lies ahead. The last two years have marked a timely and ambitious push to take my deep exploration work to new depths, and shed light on a new public…

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the whoas and woes of winter diving

Our mild fall has passed, and we’re officially into winter diving. The sign for me is waking up to find my hotwater suit (which was hanging out to dry) frozen solid – a less than inviting garment to don at 7AM. So be it… Winter diving here in New England brings us both ‘whoas’ and…

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an illustration of why we do what we do

For the past several months, numerous friends and colleagues have forwarded me a short film about ‘Ray’. It is a beautiful piece that illustrates the lifelong passion we develop as a diver. Beyond ‘just a job’, for those of us that commit to living this life aquatic understand that there is no end point –…

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