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the whoas and woes of winter diving

'A New Life in the Sea' by Michael LombardiOur mild fall has passed, and we’re officially into winter diving. The sign for me is waking up to find my hotwater suit (which was hanging out to dry) frozen solid – a less than inviting garment to don at 7AM. So be it…

Winter diving here in New England brings us both ‘whoas’ and ‘woes’. The ‘woes’ are obvious – frozen suits, cold water, mild hypothermia, and so on. However we should certainly not overlook the ‘whoas’.

What excites me about winter diving is the water clarity. Here in New England it is possible to have in excess of 50 feet of linear visibility, and the water has a blue hue, rather than its summer green. Good visibility sheds light on a whole new perspective of the New England underwater experience. Winter wildlife is also exciting. Harbor seals make their way into many bays and can be quite friendly.

Shorty story – don’t hang up your fins just yet. With mild days still ahead for a month or so, a short winter dive can be quite enjoyable, and help shake some of that holiday stress.