Oceans of Opportunity

Month: October 2012

cut throat and cash

The long list of things that truly fascinate me about being a working diver never seems to stop growing, and this is even after some 15+ years at the game. Most importantly to me is being able to find an appreciable ‘art’ in heavy and potentially dangerous tasks. Yesterdays project was a good reminder of…

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the literal ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ of stunt science

Yes, yesterday I was among the 8 million viewers glued to the live feed from Felix Baumgartner’s capsule as he took the plunge from 128,000 feet. While I was right there with him in spirit, I have been troubled by the ‘record-setting’ mantra associated with this, and other recent science events. Doing science outside in…

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October 12th is ‘Exploration Day’

Celebrating ‘Columbus Day’ always resonates with me for several days pre and post this impactful day in history – marking Christopher Columbus’ landfall in the Americas in 1492. Specifically, he set foot in the Bahamas – the island chain to the south and east of the US State of Florida, and perhaps not so coincidentally –…

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