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Seven or eight years ago I recall discussions with a colleague where this was ‘only a matter of time’, and now I can proudly say ‘it’s about time!’. That is…to advance the sciences, we need to find a certain sex-appeal that will reach the masses.

‘Rock Stars of Science’ does just that.

Embedded video from CNN Video

Behind the closed doors of every hospital, university, and academic center out there are ideas that have the potential to forever change our perception of living, and improve our quality of life. Sadly, most of them will never reach you or me, and will never leave the very office where they were given birth. It’s so, so, so competitive out there today, as limited pools of funding and other support are spread thinner than ever.

However, it just takes one…one key person that has the power to take a project from the lab bench or desk and make it a reality. Us science geeks aren’t the best at promoting our work, and marketing at the institutional level does little to reach and engage the masses – science just isn’t sexy.

But this doesn’t need to be so, and what better way to get some of the best and brightest out there than with rock’n roll. Music touches everyone, and might very well be the ticket for change. It’s not discrediting or selling out – it’s reality.

Today, technology has broken down barriers to communication at so many levels, and now it’s about moulding the message in such a way that not only reaches people, but helps them understand, engages, inspires, and encourages them to take action however possible.