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In Frankivsk OKL patients are saved from lack of oxygen with the help of special helmets

The other day a special helmet was used for the first time to treat patients with severe respiratory failure. Doctors say that this innovative method of non-invasive lung ventilation has its advantages and both specialists and patients have already seen its effectiveness. This is reported on the page of the institution. “Such helmets were first used in Italy by pandemics, but we did not have this experience. In the search for practical solutions, we first used helmets experimentally, but immediately saw not only their effectiveness, but also their benefits, “says anesthesiologist Ivanna Maidanska. The doctor explains that the helmet has a constant maintenance of the pressure required for proper non-invasive lung ventilation, better airway tightness, it is possible to adapt the patient to high values ​​of positive pressure at the end of exhalation. A special transparent plastic helmet is placed around the patient’s head and sealed around the neck. In this case, a person can be in a helmet around the clock, while the mask should be disconnected from the ventilator so that a person can eat, for example. According to doctors, in the case of a helmet there is no such need. In addition, there is no risk of hypoxemia.

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