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Big Bang Theory

'A New Life in the Sea' by Michael LombardiWe all need to decompress. When I’m not literally decompressing (reducing elevated pressures of absorbed gasses in my tissues) from my long days underwater, I decompress like the rest – occassionally this includes watching some TV.

Recently, I’ve been drawn to the ‘Big Bang Theory’. While mindless, the show sheds light on the very real social interraction of us geeks. It’s worth a watch if you are an academic looking for a good laugh.

Interstingly, the show’s theme song, written and performed by the Bare Naked Ladies, tracks evolution well.

Verse 1 goes as follows:

Our whole universe was in a hot dense state,

Then nearly fourteen billion years ago expansion started. Wait…
The Earth began to cool,
The autotrophs began to drool,
Neanderthals developed tools,
We built a wall (we built the pyramids),
Math, science, history, unraveling the mysteries,

That all started with the big bang!
That just about sums it up – world history in a nutshell. When you think about it like this however, it truly is enlightening to consider that its taken us billions of years to get to the point where we can just now start to ‘unravel the mysteries’.
While we’ve come so far, we have so far to go...back to TV – my head hurts.