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city under the sea | not so far fetched

'A New Life in the Sea' by Michael LombardiEvery now and again, I like to share a post that brings us right to the core of our journey – doing our part to enable ‘a new life in the sea’. Each and every time I put my head underwater, two things happen; 1) my curiosities are sparked, and 2) I learn something new – be it about the environment itself, improving the vehicle to get there, and about the psychology of the pursuit. This process of inquisition has left me deep in thought about why exactly it is that the ocean is such a gripping and engaging subject and medium for people in all walks of life – and in all geographic locations. Whether from the coast, or high in the mountains, the ocean has a tendency to engage. It’s foreign, yet within reach, and begs us to embark on some degree of self directed study.

I’d like to argue that the ocean is so engaging because it covers the vast majority of our planet. Water itself is the single commonality between all life on Earth, and the fact that Earth itself is covered by water should tell us something – ‘our’ survival, or our successors survival is dependent on our ocean resources. A degree of common sense would tell most that a higher degree of ocean interaction is indeed our destiny – the true future of our sustainability and survival.

The trick is that we require an artificial means to get there – and that means technology. For now, this leaves us with a limited interaction – up to several hours or days at a time. But as we progress, imagine spending weeks, months, years, or even lifetimes beneath the sea…this could very well be our only option should life here on terra firma go belly up.

A recent piece entitled ‘City Under the Sea’ touches on this concept, and discusses in depth the pursuit to take life in the sea to a whole new depth. Enjoy…

National Geographic City Under the Sea: by Tenoch2012

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