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the Race on Evil Street

'A New Life in the Sea' by Michael LombardiWe are all affected, and we were all targets in yesterday’s
tragic event at the Boston Marathon. With a half million people drawn into the city
for this one event, and less than a few degrees of separation, each and every
one of us feels the impact of this blow to our community.

So many questions – the ‘who, and why’ in particular. Bottom
line is that this was an act of evil. The act was carried out by a person(s)
who wants us to fear the world rather than celebrate the freedoms that we are
blessed with here in the United States, and are the right of all the planet’s citizens. To some extent, they (or he/she) were
successful. Acts of terror and violence at this scale on US streets are
horrific, and do lead us to question our freedoms and role in today’s world.
In studying ancient cultures, especially those considered to
be advanced civilizations – such as the Egyptians, the Maya, even Atlanteans
one commonality is immediately evident; that is that none of them still exist.
Just as time passes with each and every day on a cycle that we understand,
civilizations pass on cycles that we do not understand, and the fact may be that this is a cycle even pre-dating all known modern civilizaton. It is ignorant
to believe that we are invincible and impermeable to change and falling from
Perhaps we already have.

It seems that every 3-4 months we are faced with another
tragedy within our own borders. All are fueled by evil, and in many cases, this
evil is drawn out in response to some hatred for the way things work here in the
United States. Now, we’re in a race – for economic stability, for balance, for
change – and the stress that comes with this race is felt by everyone…perhaps
to the point where we, as a previously civilized and peaceful United States,
are breaking.

This is particularly scary as a parent. There is nothing
more you can want than a safe environment for your child to grow up in, and
then have every opportunity to excel. Events like yesterday lead me to question
that sense of idealism that we’ve held high for as long as I’ve been alive.

The one sacred place that remains is the blue one – the one
without borders, without civilization (yet), without the stress of a troubled Main
Street, nor a chaotic Wall Street – an ocean frontier is an opportunity to get
things right.

I am not in favor of running away from problems, rather we
need to reap the lessons learned and move forward in a positive light. However,
it just may be that the change we need to move forward is a radical one – a new
start, a new hope, and in a new frontier.
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